Biobanco del Área de Salud de Badajoz

The ‘Biobanco del Área de Salud de Badajoz’ is a service platform that offers human biological samples and associated clinical data to the scientific community with all the ethical, legal and quality guarantees to be used in the field of biomedical research or for welfare purposes


• Ad hoc sample collection, data collection and provision.
• Provision of samples and associated data from sick or healthy people: peripheral blood, plasma, serum, bone marrow, buffy coat, DNA, tissues…
• Sample processing – molecular techniques: genetic material extraction (DNA, RNA and cDNA), quantification (DNA and RNA, nanodrop, DNA and RNA quality control).
• Sample processing – cellular techniques: separation of mononuclear cells, isolation of plasma, serum, erythrocytes, maintenance of cell cultures and provision of cell cultures.
• Sample processing – histological techniques: cutting and staining of biological samples.
• Sample storage: liquid N2, -80ºC, preparation and aliquoting of samples in tubes.
• Custody of sample collections.
• Provision of healthcare tissues: eyeball, cornea, amniotic membrane, sclera and bone graft.
• Advice: technical, logistical, ethical, legal, accreditation processing, clinical collaborators…
• Preparation of MTA.

Responsible name and surname

"Emilio Doblaré Castellano (director científico) Sonia Mulero Navarro (coordinadora técnica)"

Postal address

Avenida de Elvas s/n - 6080 Badajoz