Asturias Principality Biobank (BBPA_ISPA)

The Biobank is organized in three units: •TUMOR BANK ISPA_IUOPA: a collection from 15.000 donors, 43000 frozen samples from normal and pathological human tissues mainly tumors. •BRAIN BANK: A broad collection of brain and spinal cord tissue frozen and paraffin-embedded samples from healthy donors and patients with neurodegenerative diseases. •DNA, PLASMA AND CELLS BIOBANK: Custody of collections of blood, plasma and seum samples. Also blood and derivatives in a biobanc regime. In total, 37.714 samples •ORGANOIDS AND ANIMAL MODELS: Organoids from head and neck tumors and animal models for respiratory and eye test.


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María Aurora Astudillo González

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Avenida del Hospital Universitario s/n OVIEDO - 33011 Asturias

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