CIEN Tissue Bank (BT-CIEN)

The CIEN Tissue Bank (BT-CIEN) is a neurological biobank attached to Fundación CIEN, Carlos III Health Institute. BT-CIEN started its activity in 2010 and is provided with full autopsy, neuropathology and biobank facilities. The biobank receives post mortem brain tissue donations, blood and other types of biological samples from an external donation program, aimed at the general population of Madrid and other Spanish regions, and from an internal donation program, focused on participants in the Vallecas Alzheimer’s center Study (VACS). The biobank receives also samples from several longitudinal cohorts for the study of cognitive aging. The BT-CIEN archive contains abundant fixed, FFPE and frozen material of high and low-prevalence neurodegenerative diseases.


Responsible name and surname

Alberto Rábano Gutiérrez

Postal address

C/ Valderrebollo 5 - 28031 Madrid