Biobank Hospital Ramón y Cajal-IRYCIS

The main objective is to generate collections of biological samples of human origin and associated clinical data, with the aim of being used in biomedical research, of different pathologies and healthy donors, complying with established ethical, legal, social and quality standards. To this end, the Biobank has highly qualified personnel, high quality samples and clinical data, specialised software, international coding of pathologies, standardised work protocols and specialised work material, as well as control and security of isothermal media, connected to a generator, with continuous temperature measurement and recording, alarm management and procedures in the event of a contingency. The Biobank unit is integrated in the HURYC’s HCIS, which allows it to coordinate complex circuits with different hospital services in an automated way, facilitating the request and collection of samples and clinical data. This coordination is not only limited to the hospital, but also extends to other external centres, making it possible to participate in multicentre projects. In addition, this coordination between services allows us to generate collections including Biomodels (animal models, cellular line and organoids), as well as the material and support necessary to participate in projects related to artificial intelligence.


The Biobank has nearly 100 collections of various pathologies with different types of samples, as well as their associated clinical data relevant to the type of pathology, already available for use in research. The collections already available include oncological, dermatological, rare, renal, cardiovascular, infectious diseases and healthy donor collections, among others. This information is available at:
Currently, the most important service is the management for the establishment of circuits that allow coordination between different services for the creation of oncological collections of low incidence and/or high mortality with few therapeutic options. The aim of these circuits is to be able to capture patients of interest in order to obtain liquid and solid samples, relevant associated clinical data, as well as the generation of biomodels (animal model, cell culture and organoids), giving the possibility of carrying out preclinical trials.
In addition, based on the technical and training possibilities of the Biobank staff, other support services can be provided to interested researchers, including:
– Comprehensive management (shipment of samples nationally and internationally, management of clinical data, review of bioethical aspects and advice on handling human biological samples and Quality Management System).
– Preparation and drafting of the project report for the application procedures for the evaluation of the research project before the relevant bodies, depending on the case (Research Ethics Committee, Enabling Body, Community of Madrid and Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee).
– Technical support for Clinical Trials.
– Technical support for the processing and preservation of samples.
– Generation of patient-derived xenografts (PDX).
– Preclinical trials.

Responsible name and surname

Sonia Camaño Páez (PD 02/12/2022)

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Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal-IRYCIS. Basement Floor -4 Right Road Colmenar Viejo km. 9.100. 28034-Madrid