Hospital Clínico San Carlos Biobank

The Biobank of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (BHCSC) is a scientific research support unit within the Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (IdISSC). This unit is specialized in the collection, processing and storage of human biological samples in order to fulfill the requests of the different researchers who ask for Biobank services. We currently have 70,973 biological samples at our disposal, mostly serum, DNA and frozen tumor or non-tumor tissue, which allows us to respond to a wide range of requests. In addition, people with different professions (pathologists, biologists, biochemists, laboratory technicians and pathological anatomy technicians) work in the Biobank with a close relationship with the Anatomical Pathology Service, which allows us to provide a high quality service.


We currently have several active collections. Therefore, we can provide samples belonging to the following collections: Tumor Bank, Clinical Genetics, Glomerular Pathology, Alzheimer’s, Cancer Genetics, COVID-19, Xenograft, Ophthalmology, Uveitis, Transthyretin Amyloidosis and Neurology. Our strategic location within the Hospital Clínico San Carlos allows us to open new collection circuits with certain ease. In addition, we support several processing requests: staining, histological sections, morphological and phenotypic evaluation of the tissues… All of these services are detailed in the price list of our Biobank.

Responsible name and surname

Director Científico: Dr. Luis Ortega Medina

Postal address

Hospital Clinico San Carlos. C/ Profesor Martín Lagos s/n. Sotano norte. Biobanco - 28040 Madrid