Biobank MD Anderson

The Biobank is the department in charge of managing the collection, processing, storage, transfer and custody of surplus diagnostic samples, the associated informed consents and the necessary clinical information. Its objective is to promote translational research, contributing to an increase in scientific production and its quality. The Biobank is essentially a biological sample management system that offers a catalogue and services to researchers, in the context of intramural and extramural projects.


*MD21-011: COVID-19 POST-VACCINATION IMMUNITY: Collection of post-vaccine serums from Healthy Donors.
*MD23-003: BONE MARROW ASPIRATE COLLECTION: Collection of bone marrow aspirate specimens from patients with hematologic diseases Lymphomas/Leukemia. *TMA: COLLECTION OF Tissue Micro Arrays: Collection of blocks of Tissue Micro Array of different pathologies: Breast Cancer/Ovarian Breast Type/Lung Cancer/Hodgkin’s Lymphoma/ Cell Lymphoma. *MD22-014: HODGKIN LYMPHOMA COLLECTION: Prospective collection collection of plasma/serum samples from patients diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. *ISCIII C.0001744: HODGKIN LYMPHOMA COLLECTION: Paraffin tissue.
*ISCIII C.0001749: COLECCIÓN DE CA MAMA: Paraffin fabric.

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Juan Fernando García García

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