Biobanco Nacional de Enfermedades Raras (BioNER)

BioNER is the Biobank of the Institute of Rare Diseases Research (ISCIII) and has the objective to provide quality biological samples to support national and international rare diseases research. It works with three main purposes, 1) establish the infrastructure for the systematic collection of biological samples and related clinical data from patients with Rare Diseases and controls. 2) Support national and international research in RD. 3) Promote improvement in diagnosis and treatments for Rare Diseases. The Unit of Biobank and Biomodels-organoids is implementing the development of organoids and generation of iPSCs for Rare Diseases research.


Nombre y apellidos responsable

Beatriz Martínez Delgado

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Ctra. Majadahonda-Pozuelo Km.2,200, Majadahonda - 28220 Madrid

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