CNIO Biobank

The CNIO Biobank is a service platform with the aim of promoting biomedical research in general, facilitating access to human samples by researchers and ensuring both the collection and use of human samples, respecting at all times the legal and ethical precepts that protect the rights of donors, both in Spanish legislation and internationally recommended. All this following quality criteria both in the collection of samples and in their subsequent management.

The Biobank is authorized by the Community of Madrid as regulated in RD171616/2011 and registered in the National Register of Biobanks with reference B.000848.


• Collection, management, processing, storage and transfer of human biological samples and associated information (clinical and research).
• Transformation into derivatives from human samples for research (tissuearrays, DNA, RNA, etc.).
• Technical, scientific and ethical advice.
• Main collections:

o Brain metastases (RENACER).
o Spanish Association of Flight Attendants Cohort (AETCP)
o COVID-19
o Digestive neoplasms
o Gynecological neoplasms
o Lymphoid neoplasms
o Breast carcinoma
o PDX (patient-derived grafts)
o Non-tumorous tissue

Responsible name and surname

Mª Jesús Artiga (acting)

Postal address

c/ Melchor Fernández Almagro 3 - 28029 Madrid