Vall d’Hebron Research Institute

The Vall d’Hebron Research Institute’s (VHIR) Scientific and Technical Services has a long history of providing specialized and quality services to the scientific community in support of pre-clinical and clinical projects in biomedical sector. These services include a Biobank with a wide catalogue of quality human samples, associated data and services specialized in the management of them. It also has services specialized in animals and experimental surgery. The services enable top-level studies to be carried out that lead to advances in the treatment and cure of diseases with highest standards of animal care. The VHIR has also research groups that develop organoids for the study of different pathologies and units that work in the field of 3D printing, boosting clinical work and assisting researchers who use this technology.


• The HUVH Biobank has the Quality Management Systems Certification ISO9001:2015, under whose standards it offers the following services:

– Sample processing, storage, management and transfer of human biological samples.
– Sample management for multicentre study.
– Registry of Vall d’Hebron University Hospital collections
– Advice on ethical, scientific and legal issues, and technical/methodological procedures for the correct collection, processing, storage, and use of human biological samples for biomedical research.
– Tumors, cardiology, neurological tissues, digestive pathologies, nephrology, fetal tissues, immune mediated inflammatory diseases, pediatric endocrinology, immunology, gestational pathologies, pulmonary, sepsis, obesity and metabolism, neurodegenerative pathologies and minority pathologies collections.

• Services specialized in animals:

– Accommodation, maintenance, management and veterinary support for animals (rodents, sheep, pig, fish and rabbit) in accordance with the criteria proposed by the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA).
– Development of animal models.
– Design of pre-clinical in vivo assessment studies.
– Scientific and technical advice on designing, planning and choosing the most useful imaging tools for conducting various research projects.
– Operating theatres equipped with the latest technological equipment for the different medical specialities with comprehensive surgery services. The Experimental Surgery Unit (ESU) holds the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001: 2015: certificate and it is internationally accredited by the AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care).

• Organoids and 3D impression .

Responsible name and surname

Isabel Novoa Garcia

Postal address

Edificio Maternoinfantil, planta 14,lab 10/12, Passeig Vall d'Hebron 119-129, Barcelona 08035