Basque Biobank

Basque Biobank is a large-scale biomedical platform of the Basque Public Health System and the Bioaraba, Biodonostia and Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institutes, and is driven by the Basque Foundation for Health Research and Innovation. Basque Biobank`s mission is to accelerate basic/clinical research that may lead to the development of tools for personalized medicine. It offers a catalogue of samples, updated in real time, and associated data from a wide range of pathologies. If necessary, the Basque Biobank can organize prospective sample collection according to the needs of the projects. This network-type hospital-based biorepository allows to obtain samples and associated clinical data from the same patients concerning various diseases that they may suffer throughout their lives to be collated in order to perform longitudinal and correlative studies for various diseases, lifestyles and environmental effects even though the patient may have attended different hospitals or different departments within the same hospital.


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Roberto Bilbao Urquiola

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Ronda Azkue (Torre del Bec (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) 1, - 48902 Vizcaya

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