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Institute IDIS (PBBI)

The Biobank and Biomodels platform from Institute IDIS (PBBI) is a multidisciplinary platform formed by the integration of 3 independent members of the Institute IDIS: the Biobank, the centre of experimental Biomedicine (CEBEGA) and the bio-validation, bio-fabrication, and 3D printing platform (BBI3D). Researchers can independently access each of the services provided by the platform. Nonetheless, the PBBI platform provides an integrated service pipeline in which the Biobank provides characterized biological samples that can be transferred for their use in in vitro or in vivo applications. The PBBI platform also complements its offer with the 3D printing service for clinical and research purposes.


IDIS Biobank and Biomodels Platform (PBBI)

Biobank services:
• Access to six different collections of solid (FFPE and fresh frozen & OCT) and liquid samples and clinical data (Tumor and Control Bank, Ophthalmic samples, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Hematological diseases, Aggressive renal lithiasis, COVID-19 )
• Sample processing:
or Aliquoted
o Nucleic acid extraction
o Cryopreservation of cells/tissues
o Establishment of primary cell cultures
o Immunohistochemical and molecular determinations
o Preparation of tissue microarrays (TMA)
o Tissue staining
o Rapid deep freezing
• Conservation of samples (tissue block, cryomolds, cryovials, tubes and slides at -80°C, -150°C and/or room temperature)
• Temporary storage at -80°C of sample collections
• Scientific-Technical and Ethical-Legal Advice
• Technical formation

In vivo services:
• Breeding and housing of rodents (mice and rats) free of specific pathogens or conventional conditions
• Genetically modified mouse colony management service, including crossings, weaning, genotyping and registration in databases.
• Generation and analysis of experimental tumor models: heterotopic and orthotopic models (lung, breast, ovary, brain, pancreas); patient-derived xenografts.
• Preclinical analysis of experimental therapies: toxicology and biodistribution.
• Metabolic phenotyping service: indirect calorimetry, body composition, GTT, ITT…
• Preclinical imaging service: microPET, micro CT, optical imaging.
• Experimental irradiation
3D printing services:
• 3D printing of standard or customized laboratory tools
• 3D printing of personalized devices for research
• 3D printing of surgical guides
• 3D printing of anatomical models for educational, research or surgical purposes
• Prototyping of custom devices
• Segmentation of medical images
• Design and printing of biochips
• Advice on biomanufacturing processes
In vitro services:
• Production of cartilage organoids from human precursor cells.
• Biovalidation of drugs, polymers, surfaces, 3D structures, bioinks, etc.

Responsible name and surname

Máximo Fraga Rodríguez

Postal address

C.H.U.S. Biobanco. Serv. de Anat. Patológica. Planta -3. Trav. da Choupana S/N. - 15706 A Coruña