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The Institute of Health Sciences of Aragon (IACS) is the public entity in charge of knowledge brokering in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in Aragon. Dependant on the Health Department of the regional government and created under the 6/2002 Health Care Law of Aragon, IACS is responsible for the operation of the Biobank of the HealthCare System of Aragon, as well several Core Research Facilities at the Researcher Community’s disposal.
BSSA has a multi-nodal design, with several nodes distributed throughout the different hospitals of Aragon (Miguel Servet University Hospital, Lozano Blesa University Clinic Hospital, Blood and Tissue Bank of Aragon, San Jorge University Hospital and Royo Villanova Hospital). Furthermore, the Biobank and Biomodels Unit of IACS is constituted also by several IACS Core Research Facilities as Biocomputing, Cell Culture, Experimental Surgery and Medical Imaging and Phenotyping. This Core Research Facilities can be located in the Aragon Biomedical Research Centre (CIBA), which is located in the City Campus and less than a kilometer away from both principal hospitals in Saragossa.
Throughout the Biobank and Biomodels Unit, a series of services are at the disposal of the researcher community which allow any researcher of company interested, any required service from the collection and cession of samples, to the creation and characterisation of the required biomodels.


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Delia Recalde Frisón

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Centro de Investigación Biomédica de Aragón. Avda. San Juan Bosco 13, Zaragoza - 50009 Zaragoza

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