MARBiobanc (Biobanco del Consorci Mar Parc de Salut de Barcelona)

MARBiobanc (Biobanco del Consorci Mar Parc de Salut de Barcelona)

MARBiobanc is the Parc de Salut Mar’s biobank. It is a public non-profit organization that gathers various biological samples collections conceived for biomedical research purposes. Marbiobanc is certified in ISO9001 since 2012. Our main objectives are: To guarantee the traceability and quality of human biological samples and data, to consolidate already existing collections at Parc de Salut Mar and to develop new collections relevant for the scientific community, to facilitate samples to the scientific community and to promote quality practices. And our duties: To coordinate the Parc de Salut Mar collections deposited at the biobank, to manage the reception, the storage and traceability of samples; to guarantee the confidentiality of samples and data, to guarantee temperature control where samples are stored, to manage sample requests, to train the biobank’s technical staff and technicians in sample quality management¸ to give advice on technical, ethical and legal matters and implement a continuous improvement program integrated within the Biobank’s Quality Management System.


Nombre y apellidos responsable

Núria Somoza Abelló

Dirección postal

IMIM (Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques). Edificio PRBBDoctor Aiguader 88. - 08003 Barcelona

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