News on our website: ‘RNBB Guide for the handling of human samples in biomedical research. Recommendations for the COVID-19 pandemic ‘

The main objective of this guide, which we have just published in our documentation section on COVID-19 , is to facilitate and support research with biological samples from patients with COVID-19 and, in general, with samples from all types of subjects in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide addresses the collection and shipment of samples to the biobank , the containment levels to be applied for each type of sample, the disinfection methods and the storage of the samples. It also has two annexes (available in the same section ), of technical recommendations on the quality of the samples in this context (Annex I) and of management of the biological risk in the laboratories that handle them (Annex II). All of this is the result of collaborative work with the Spanish Biosafety Association ( AEBioS ) and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III.