Oferta de empleo IBEC: Project Manager at Plataforma ISCIII Biobancos y Biomodelos (Ref.: PM1-NM)

Introduction to the vacant position:

We are looking for a Project Manager to join IBEC in the frame of the project “Plataforma ISCIII Biobancos y Biomodelos” (PTC20/00013) within the call Plataformas ISCIII de apoyo a la I+D+I en Biomedicina y Ciencias de la Salud. The project is supported by the INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

Project manager to oversee and manage the research projects and activities within the Platform ISCIII of Biobanks and Biomodels.

The extent of duties include:

  • Project management: Liaising between project and funders; coordination between sites within international projects; coordinating and overseeing project reporting; keeping track of project agendas and deadlines.
  • Funding: Identify new project opportunities for the research lines assigned.
  • Project formulation: Support in the definition of project goals, advising on project partners, preparation of budget, support on proposal writing and submission.
  • Financial management of the research lines: Maximizing the outcome of the research lines within the available budget.

Requirements for candidates:

  • PhD in experimental sciences.
  • Minimum one year experience in research project management or data managing, or similar.
  • Full command of English.
  • Competencies: Communication, teamwork, proactivity, customer orientation, planning and organizational skills.


+ Information and how to apply:https://ibecbarcelona.eu/project-manager-at-plataforma-isciii-biobancos-y-biomodelos-3/