Red de Biobancos de Castilla-La Mancha

The Biobank Network of Castilla-La Mancha (BioB-CLM) has been established to strengthen the capacity to support the research carried out individually by each of the Biobanks that comprise it. One of the main objectives to be achieved in terms of R&D&I is to provide high-level scientific, technical and technological support to Research projects in Health Sciences and Technologies, based on the management of human biological samples and data with quality and efficiency criteria, implementing and applying the latest technological advances. Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha, we present the BioB-CLM, made up of the Biobank of the Specialized Care Management of Albacete (BioB-Albacete), the biobank of the General University Hospital of Ciudad Real Ciudad Real (BioB-HGUCR) ​​and the Biobank of the Toledo Hospital Complex (BioB-HUT).


Paraffin tissue block (whole block)
Frozen tissue block (whole block)
Frozen tissue block (OCT) (whole)
DNA aliquot (1-3ugr)
RNA aliquot (1-3ugr)
whole blood
Serum aliquot (500-1500uL)
Plasma aliquot (500-1500uL)
Urine aliquot (500-1500uL)
Cerebrospinal fluid aliquot (500uL)
1 cryobox of liquid/solid samples at -80ºC (year)
1 cryobox of liquid samples to Liquid Nitrogen (year)
Sample containers other formats preserved at -80ºC (year)
DNA isolation blood/buffy coat
RNA isolation in blood/buffy coat
Plasma cfDNA isolation
Fresh/frozen tissue DNA isolation
RNA isolation fresh/frozen tissue
DNA isolation waxed tissue
Paraffin wax tissue RNA isolation
Nucleic acid quality control (NanoDrop)/sample
Nucleic acid quality control (fluorimetry, QUBIT)/sample
Isolation of mononuclear cells from Peripheral Blood (PBMCs)
Preparation scanning
Immunohistochemistry (check available antibodies)
Immunohistochemistry (antibodies delivered IP)
Paraffin tissue section with histochemical techniques
Section of tissue preserved in OCT with histochemical techniques
Preparation of Tissue Arrays (Tissuemicroarrays)
Undyed paraffin tissue cut
Thick sections of paraffinized tissue to obtain biomolecules
Section of waxed tissue on glass treated for immunohistochemical/molecular techniques
Preserved tissue section in OCT on unstained glass
Thick sections of tissue preserved in OCT to obtain biomolecules
OCT-preserved tissue section on treated glass for immunohistochemical/molecular techniques
Obtaining cell suspension in DMSO
Blood processing (plasma, serum and cell package)
Processing of other body fluids
Fixation and embedding of tissues in paraffin
Other types of techniques (consult)
Transport cold samples

Toledo Node: Collection of tumor samples and normal tissue from different anatomical locations. Collection of inflammatory and infectious diseases. Collection of pathology of the digestive system and renal system. Mastocytosis Collection. Healthy Aging Collection.
Albacete Node: Collection of tumor samples and normal tissue from different anatomical locations with DNA and RNA. Bank of biological liquids. Bank of tissue products. Blood collection of myocarditis. Collection of pancreatic juice.
Ciudad Real Node: Collection of solid tissues from different types of tumors and normal control tissue from different anatomical locations. Collection of fluids and blood samples of both neoplastic origin and control type. Collection of non-neoplastic diseases of patients with rare or infectious diseases. Collection of Neurological Tissues, including healthy controls and neurodegenerative diseases.

Responsible name and surname

Manuela Mollejo Villanueva

Postal address

Avda Río Guadiana s/n - 45007 Toledo